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  • When the new BMW X3 goes on sale init will encounter a strong competition in an increasingly competitive segment. The driving dynamics and exterior design have always been a selling point for the X3 family, but the interior somewhat lacked that premium feel many customers requested.

    BMW seems to have learned a lesson here and the new X3 is likely to be not only technologically advanced, but also more luxurious. These spy photos of a G01 X3 prototype reveal many details of the interior design which have been previously carefully covered by testing engineers. Just like virtually all the other BMW models of the recent past, the third generation of the BMW X3 features a detached infotainment display, which is carried out — most likely — just like the new 7 Series with a touchscreen.

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    The instrument cluster of the X3 prototypes present a partly digital display, however the outer areas of the speedometer and tachometer are carried out analogously. It can be assumed that we see here is the standard speedometer variant — a surcharge will be expected for a fully digital version. Another exciting detail is the iDrive Controller on the center console, which appears to be of a significantly higher quality than the previous generation.

    The buttons around the controller are wrapped with a metal surface — the plastic look of most current models is thus clearly sent into retirement. It is likely that the iDrive controller shown here is only offered in conjunction with the Professional Navigation System.

    A new multifunction steering wheel with metal buttons makes its way into the G01 X3 while the control panel of the automatic climate control seems to be similar as the one in the 7 Series with small touch surfaces that take the place of classical buttons. Overall it can be said that the interior of the BMW X3 G01 is significantly more premium than the current model.

    This claim is also underlined by the expanded range of assistance and intelligent systems — such as the cross-traffic detection and the ability of semi-autonomous driving. The new, flexible modular system offers more interior space and a redesigned seating system also ensures higher variability and greater comfort.

    Sources say the G01 X3 is about kg lighter than the F25 X3. But our sources say the X3 is the first BMW to showcase the new design language. For the first time, BMW will offer an extended wheelbase for the X3, likely catering to markets like China. The third generation of the ….This fault is known to start intermittently, however, when not treated, can cause the faults to become permanent.

    If you find that you have a faulty instrument cluster unit, the first option that you may have been advised of is to have the unit replaced. Not only this but all of our repaired dashboard speedometers will also come with a Lifetime warranty and will not require coding when refitting back to your vehicle.

    bmw 3 series digital speedometer

    We have compiled a list of the most common failing part numbers that have been repaired in our workshop recently. This is not a complete list, so if you find that your part number is not on here, please call us on to confirm.

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    bmw 3 series digital speedometer

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    Meet your fellow owners in our Owners Clubs. February in BMW. I've noted that my speedometer is reading mph faster than my indicated speed on my GPS. Anyone else noted this descrepancy? If the speedo isn't tracking accurately, especially reading faster and putting miles on the odometer faster, this will make my warranty expire faster.

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    At best it'll keep me from going over the posted speed limit, if I fix my speed, via the speedo, at the posted speed limit. February That is very common. I'm pretty sure that it's done for liability purposes, but don't quote me on it.

    I see it with my Ci, my wife's current Odyssey, and her previous Odyssey.E34 instrument cluster pixel failre repair with silver ribbon cable KIT:.

    Home Page. Audi VW Seat. Opel Vauxhall. Alfa Romeo. John Deere. New Holland. Amplifier kits. Motor gears. Contact us. You can buy it separately! Essential for dead or fading pixel repairs. This is a real silver cable. NOTE: there are 3 bulbs included in this price. Easy to apply ring set, no special tools needed. NOTE: all 4 rings are included in this price. If you'd like to send your unit to us for a repair, please choose our repair service option above! We accept BMW instrument clusters for pixel repair as per the below terms:.

    EU: You can send your unit via post or courier service - both are fine. If you choose this option you need to pay 40 EUR more when we send your package back. Pleas e declare the value of the package to 20 Euro! Please make a note on the package: faulty speedometer sent for repair, will be returned after repair. We do the repairs within 3 business days.

    Please send us your phone number and shipping address with the package. BMW speedo There are minor differences, like one comes with telephone button, others are witout, however the LCD display and the ribbon cable is the same at all 5 series E39 X5 E53 and M5 models. The LCD display pixel failure picture is quite similar, please find the picture of the unit here:.Fifteen years ago, it might have been difficult to foresee the success of the X3.

    Back then, BMW's 3 Series wagon set the standard for the class and offered all the practicality you could want in a vehicle that size.


    Why get something that didn't handle as well and got worse fuel economy? BMW redesigned the X3 just last year.

    2017 BMW X3 G01: Interior photo shows speedometer display and more

    Honestly, it's not very different from the generation before it. Even those only familiar with the second-generation X3 won't find too many differences in this model, which is the second year of the third generation. BMW has focused on finessing and massaging the X3 into its current form rather than making any dramatic changes.

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    The X3 still offers broad appeal. There are rear-wheel- and all-wheel-drive variants available with the four-cylinder engine and a big list of options to choose from to further bolster the X3's luxury appeal. If extra speed is desired, the all-wheel-drive M40i is one of the best-performing vehicles in the class thanks to its potent six-cylinder engine.

    Whichever one interests you, know that the BMW X3 is one of our top picks for the segment. The sDrive30i and the xDrive30i are identically equipped, save for the sDrive being rear-wheel-drive and the xDrive being all-wheel-drive. The M40i has a more powerful engine and a few more standard features.

    Under the hood of the sDrive30i and xDrive30i is a turbocharged 2. Standard exterior features include inch wheels, LED headlights and foglights, automatic wipers, roof rails, a power tailgate, a rearview camera, and power-folding, auto-dimming and heated mirrors.

    There are multiple option packages available for the sDrive30i and the xDrive30i. The Convenience package adds LED headlights, keyless entry, a panoramic sunroof, satellite radio, and four-way power lumbar adjustment for the front seats. The M Sport package adds the contents of the Convenience package, plus inch wheels, more aggressive-looking front and rear bumpers, a sport steering wheel and a simulated-leather-covered dashboard.

    bmw 3 series digital speedometer

    Selecting either of these opens the gates to the Dynamic Handling package, which includes adaptive suspension dampers, upgraded brakes and variable-ratio steering. The M40i gets the content of those optional packages as standard. It also has a turbocharged 3. Whichever X3 you get, consider adding the Driving Assistance package, which has forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert.

    bmw 3 series digital speedometer

    There's also the Driving Assistance Plus package Driving Assistance package, adaptive cruise control, front cross-traffic alert and lane keeping assist and the Parking Assistance package front and rear parking sensors, an automated parking system and a degree parking camera.

    Then there are the big-ticket Premium and Executive packages that either require some of the previous packages or bundle features from them. Notably, the Premium package adds features such as heated front seats, a navigation system, a larger Some of the above features can be ordered as stand-alone options.

    Additional extras, depending on packages selected, include and inch wheels, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, manual side window shades, wireless phone charging a speaker Harman Kardon sound system, and a trailer hitch.

    BMW reveals next-gen iDrive, digital instrument cluster

    The car was Lexus smooth and great value, but the engine was the slowest of the bunch and the 6speed was ancient. The X3 performs much better and iDrive is years ahead of Lexus navigation.

    The new RDX looked impressive on paper but Acura is playing catch-up in segment. Despite having a powerful engine, great interior materials, and awesome sound system, our tester had loose trim and panel gap issues. The Audi Q5 was a strong contender, and the car had the best interior and smoothest ride. There has also been many quality complains in the forums since they moved production to Mexico, so we decided to skip.Does anyone know what might go in the digital display below the speedometer?

    I tried searching images, and most show a blank area for the F30, but some have some sort of miles to empty display. Or is the speedometer and display used on other models and the F30 owners just get a blank display? Nothing goes there, see below dashboard test sequence with all symbols lighting up: Correct.

    It's a mirage. Not sure why. The red rectangle makes it clear now. I guess I saw the dash display, which looks just like a F30 display, and thought that if it had the ability to display something, maybe we code something in there.

    I just didn't like the unused blank area. It reminds me of those blanking plugs they put in place of unused switches in some cars. On my F30 and I found that when I'm just sitting in the car with just the accessories on my display down there will show all the information that would normally show in the heads up display like l my media and contacts.

    Then when I turn the car on all that information switched to the heads up display and the display goes back to normal. There is no display under the speedometer if you have analog gauges.

    See Bimmerbingo's post above. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. PDA What goes in display below speedometer?

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    TheAirmanPM Does anyone know what might go in the digital display below the speedometer?The folks in Ingolstadt replaced their typical gauge clusters with a fully high-definition screen that can provide a wealth of different information and various different views. Having used it before, we can tell you that it works wonderfully and looks great. So BMW has given both of those models an upgrade in the tech department, giving them the latest version of iDrive and a new Multifunction Instrument Display.

    So instead of the physical speedometer and tachometer, there will be a single high-def display that can vary depending on mode, while also displaying a breadth of information. When you first start the car, it will default to Comfort mode, as all BMWs do. In between them is a small information display that will provide all other necessary info, such as navigation. As you cycle through modes, the display will change.

    So in Sport mode, the gauges turn red, the speedometer turns digital and the tach displays the current gear. This new MFID coincides with the Head-Up Display and iDrive screen, giving the driver a very easy way to read and receive all necessary information while driving quickly.