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    JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The bullets are inspected individually and precision made for extreme quality and accuracy.

    In addition, bullet deformation during firing is prevented…. AccuBond couples Nosler proven copper-alloy jacket with its special lead-alloy core. The result is a bullet that flies true, penetrates deep and retains its weight, without causing extensive barrel fouling. Nosler Solid Base at the rear of the bullet acts as a platform for large diameter mushrooms. Nosler ballistics has been respected for years in the world…. Introduced inthe Nosler cartridge brass line is ready to load.

    Manufactured with the traditional Nosler philosophy of uncompromising attention to detail, Nosler cartridge brass is…. Nosler blended the accuracy of its Custom Competition bullet jackets with its own ultra-precise, lead-alloy cores to create the performance standard for match rifle and pistol bullets.

    The hollow point provides a small…. RDF bullets also have the smallest, most consistent meplats of any hollow point match bullet line, so there is no need to point or trim tips. Highest B. The Nosler ballistics team, long respected in the hunting and shooting industry for reliable and precise reloading data, is the driving force behind Nosler Trophy Grade Ammunition. For quality and affordability, Nosler Partition Bullets are outstanding.

    Nosler Partition Bullets have a fully tapered jacket designed to explode immediately at the mouth of the thin jacket coupled with gradual thickening near the axis that controls expansion while curing uniformly outward at both…. As the name implies, Nosler Custom Competition Bullets are used for competition shooting and are sold in boxes of, and 1, Designed for. Developed through a combination of bullet manufacturing techniques that are unique to Nosler, the design of the AccuBond Long Range LR allows for the highest B.

    Designed with an optimum performance window ranging from 3, fps to 1, fps,….Filter clear all. Centerfire Rifle Ammunition 6. Customer Rating. Sort by. Showing 1 - 6 of 6. Sole-source manufacturing for top-grade performance Field-proven reliability and accuracy American-made quality and value. Item: IK Strictest quality standards ever NoslerCustom brass and Nosler bullets Cases checked for correct length Necks sized, chamfered and trued Flash holes inspected for correct alignment.

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    Ideal balance of penetration and energy transfer Tapered bullet jackets and polymer tips Every round is visually inspected prior to packaging. Cases checked for correct length Necks sized, chamfered and trued Flash holes checked for proper alignment Powder charges are meticulously weighed Finished rounds are visually inspected and polished High-performance powder and bullet combinations.

    Trusted ammunition for varmint hunters everywhere High-performance, deadly accurate rounds Flat base design with hollow point or tipped bullets. Nosler's Match-Grade Rifle Ammunition is inspected on a per-cartridge basis to ensure uniformity in size, alignment and powder weight so you can squeeze the trigger with confidence.

    Per We do not have for some of the selections you've made:. We do not have for some of your selections:. Restart the finder. Adjust the filter selections.The BTLF can safely be used in all lead-free zones or shooting ranges that require non-magnetic bullets. Alert Me When Available. Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available.

    Please note that alerted inventory is on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below. Hello, to begin a chat session with a customer service representative, complete the fields below and click Chat. Live Chat Live Chat. Facebook Instagram. Create an Account Login Create an Account. Cart 0. Schematic ID Number. Ultra-Thin Copper Jacket: Retains structural integrity at ultra-high velocities yet fragments completely upon impact Fragmenting Copper Core: Allows rapid and absolute displacement of target Flat Base: Ballistically engineered for ultra-high velocities and bench rest accuracy Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page Click here for price!

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    You will be notified at checkout. Learn More. Ballistic Silvertip bullets are aerodynamically efficient and have boattail designs to maximize long-range bullet stability and accuracy. In hunting weights, the jackets have been thickened and cores hardened to blend generous expansion with penetration, making them ideal for light and medium game at extended ranges.

    The streamlined polycarbonate tip resists deformation in the magazine and causes positive expansion on impact with light and medium game. A thin jacket mouth opens easily and peels uniformly rearward to give you dependable long range, low-velocity expansion. The streamlined portion of the bullet in the front of the bearing surface minimizes wind drift and flattens trajectories.

    Core cavity allows the polycarbonate tip to generate momentum before contact with lead core, giving you dependable bullet expansion at the lowest practical velocity levels. Special lead alloys are engineered to provide uniform expansion in hunting bullets. Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.

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    Additional Information Tech Specs. In Stock. Recently Viewed.Each cartridge section begins with an introduction by a different well-known writer or industry name.

    The Nosler Pro-Staff is a select group of hunters and shooters whose achievements and expertise qualify them for a place on our team.

    Our pro-staff is made up of professional guides, outfitters, hunters, television personalities, and competitive shooters. An unsuccessful hunt led to a ballistic revolution and the birth of a company. See the story of our founder, John Amos Nosler. See all our videos on our youtube.

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    Nosler, Inc. The new rifle model builds on For us, excellence is not negotiable. We know who we are and being true to yourself allows you to become the best at what you do. By a longshot. The truth is, we owe it to you. Gift Cards. Load Data. Custom Rifles. Listing by Cartridge. Contact Us. Dealer Locator. Nosler Rifles About Nosler Nosler Load Data.

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    Nosler Reloading Guide 8. Nosler Pro Staff. Video Channel. Nosler News. Mar 28, Product AnnouncementPress Releases.

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    Jan 22, Product Announcement. Jan 1, Press Releases.Designed by John Nosler and introduced inthe dual-core Nosler Partition was the first of the modern American premium bullets. John had experienced bullet failure during a moose hunt and resolved to do better.

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    John machined his prototype bullet jackets from blanks of gilding metal on a lathe, essentially drilling out both ends and inserting the front and back lead cores. The original Nosler Partition spawned the premium bullet business in the U.

    Unlike many competing "premium" bullets that are created by inserting a lead core in a "cup and draw" formed gilding metal jacket, just like a conventional soft point bullet, Nosler bullet jackets start as copper alloy slugs that are formed by impact extrusion.

    This allows precise control of jacket dimensions and, in the case of the Partition bullet, the use of two cores separated by a bulkhead partition. Precision impact extrusion is a more expensive way to manufacture bullets, but Nosler feels that the benefits are worth the extra effort and cost.

    Nosler bullets are widely available in premium factory loads from Winchester, Federal, Weatherby, Norma and others, and as components for reloaders. Winchester has gone so far as to partner with Nosler, creating the Combined Technology CT bullets offered in Winchester Supreme factory loads. These include the Ballistic Silvertip, essentially a Ballistic Tip with a silver colored plastic tip and Lubalox black oxide exterior coating and the AccuBond CT, which is similar to the Nosler AccuBond with a Lubalox exterior coating.

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    Nosler offers the CT bullets as components to reloaders. Comments about the standard Nosler versions of these bullets also apply to the CT versions. Nosler's famous Partition bullet remains the flagship of the Nosler line. It might be the best all-around hunting bullet ever made. Partitions are built with dual cores inserted into an "H" form jacket, thus the Partition name.

    They have an exposed lead tip like a soft point bullet and an exposed lead base like a "hard ball" bullet, which from the internal partition aft they pretty much are. Even if a Partition bullet were to lose its entire front portion, the shank behind the partition will continue to penetrate like a FMJ bullet. Jacket thickness, taper, core hardness and the location of the internal partition vary, depending on bullet weight, caliber and intended use.

    I attribute this difference primarily to the exposed lead at the base of the Partition bullet which I figure has to be deformed by the heat and pressure of firing and secondarily to their internal complexity. Simple bullets are usually more accurate. However, Partitions are sufficiently accurate for big game hunting purposes and their terminal performance is absolutely deadly. If you want a target bullet, Nosler makes them; if you want the best bullet for your next elk hunt, get a Partition.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

    You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Unique tapered jacket provides controlled expansion at all practical ranges and velocities.

    Nosler Ballistic Silver Tip Bullets are specifically designed as hunting bullets backed by a company with 25 years of experience in the business.

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    Each bullet is precision made and inspected individually to ensure the highest quality possible. For hunters, this means hitting targets with every shot. Available in different calibers, diameters, and grains, Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullets are excellent for hunting sheep, deer, antelope, and other larger game. The bullets are inspected individually and precision made for extreme quality and accuracy. In addition, bullet deformation during….

    Nosler Ballistic Tip. You did not add any gift products to the cart. Check your available gifts! Show 8 16 32 Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullets. Add to Cart. In addition, bullet deformation during… Related Products Bullets. Nosler Ballistic Tip Rifle Ammunition. Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint Bullets.

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